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3 days Maasai Mara
Budget safari

4-Days wildlife safari Lake Nakuru, Maasai Mara

14 days wildlife and beach safari

Day tours in Nairobi

3 days Tsavo East and West safari, while on your Mombasa beach holiday

12 days safari, Nairobi, Mount Kenya, Samburu, Nakuru, Maasai Mara

3 days (2 nights) Maasai Mara from Mombasa by air

14 days safari, Watu Wangu Children's Centre - Tulia, Nakuru, Naivasha, Maasai Mara, Malindi.

8 days safari Nairobi, Nakuru, Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo East and West, Mombasa

10 days wildlife and beach safari

The Maasai Experience

Safari on demand: create your own itinerary!

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Cities & Beaches

Kenya is not just known for its parks and the vast variety of culture, but also for its cities and beaches.
Here we will tell you a little bit about some of them.


Malindi Beach

Mombasa has an abundance of white pristine beaches that just make you want to curl your toes into the sand. The clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean lap gently at the sand, providing a romantic and peaceful setting. For the adventurous ones, there is scuba diving and snorkeling to be done in the numerous Watamu coral reefs. Whether you plan to splurge on luxury or travel on a shoestring budget, the Mombasa experience promises to be a memorable one.

Malindi is a small town, but the beaches that surround it make it one of Kenya's top attractions. Silversands lies just South of town and is lined with villas and small resorts. A Marine Park keeps the area free from fishing and therefore great for snorkeling. Farther south is Watamu, a National Park with two main lagoons, Turtle Bay and Blue Lagoon, with plenty resorts and hotels. Popular activities include sunset sails on a dhow (traditional sailboat), sunbathing, dolphin watching, diving and all kinds of water sports. Air Kenya and Fly 540 both fly to Malindi from Nairobi.

Lamu Island is another highly desirable place to go. The small, car-free island's old town blends Arab and African culture with a sun-baked siesta-time feel that gives it a wonderfully sedate charm; the beach is two miles of pristine white sand, with oodles of space for the relatively few sunseekers. Lamu Island can be reached by air or by road.



Mombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya, with a population of about 1.2 million. A regional cultural and economic hub, Mombasa has a large port and an international airport, and is an important regional tourism centre. Located on the east coast of Kenya, in Mombasa County and the former Coast Province, Mombasa's bordering the Indian Ocean made it a historical trading centre, and it has been controlled by many countries because of its strategic location.

The city is mainly inhabited by the Mijikenda and Swahili people. Other communities found are the Arabs, Akamba and the Wataita. The major religions practiced are Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. Over the centuries, many immigrants and traders have settled in Mombasa, particularly from Iran, the Middle East, Somalia, and the Indian sub-continent, who came mainly as traders and skilled craftsmen.

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Nairobi is the capital and largest city of Kenya. The city and its surrounding area also form the Nairobi County. The name "Nairobi" comes from the Maasai phrase Enkare Nyrobi, which translates to "cold water". The phrase is also the Maasai name of the Nairobi river, which in turn lent its name to the city. However, it is popularly known as the "Green City in the Sun" and is surrounded by several expanding villa suburbs.

Founded by the British in 1899 as a simple rail depot on the railway linking Mombasa to Uganda, the town quickly grew to become the capital of British East Africa in 1907, and eventually the capital of the newly independent Kenyan republic in 1963. During Kenya's colonial period, the city became a centre for the colony's coffee, tea and sisal industry. Nairobi city is also a county in itself. The city lies on the Nairobi River, in the south of the nation and has an elevation of 1795 m above sea-level.

Nairobi is the most populous city in East Africa, with a current estimated population of about 3 million. Nairobi is currently the 14th largest city in Africa, including the population of its suburbs. It is also one of the most prominent cities in Africa both politically and financially. Home to thousands of Kenyan businesses and over 100 major international companies and organisations, including the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the main co-ordinating and headquarters for the UN in Africa & Middle East, the United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNON), Nairobi is an established hub for business and culture.

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Fourteen Falls
Fourteen Falls

Thika is an industrial town in Kiambu County, Kenya, approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) North East of Nairobi, near the confluence of the Thika and Chania Rivers. Thika has a population of ca. 150,000 and is growing rapidly, as is the entire greater Nairobi area. Its elevation is approximately 1,631 metres (5,351 ft).

Thika is home to the Chania Falls, 14 falls on river Athi and the Thika Falls, while Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park lies to its southeast. The town is famous as the prime pineapple-growing region in Kenya, the Chania and Thika falls near the confluence of the respective rivers and as a gateway to the "Fourteen Falls" near Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park, which is used as a popular picnic and corporate recreation site.

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